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Jan 21

National Hug Day

Our Facebook page is celebrating National Hug day by giving you tidbits about Camp HUGS throughout the month.  


Jan 22

Tuesdays from 1/22 thru 3/26 5:30-7:30pm EST, Bainbridge, NY

The Grief Recovery Method ® Grief Support Group and Book Study

Grief is not limited to death, but rather grief is experienced after loss, the loss of a friend or family member, the loss of a job or a house, the loss of trust or your safety, or even the temporary loss of deployment, but is not limited to just these examples. Grief can come from the loss of anyone or anything. Your feelings processing loss are normal and natural. We have been socialized to believe that these feelings are abnormal and unnatural.

While people say you have to let go and move on in your life, they don’t tell you how to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method ® Grief Support Group facilitated by Help After Loss, Inc. not only makes it possible, but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens.

This eight-week program will start Tuesday, January 22, 2019 and end Tuesday, March 26, 2019, meeting each Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Greenlawn Elementary School.

This support group/book study is conducted in association with the Grief Recovery Institute and the group will be facilitated by trained Grief Recovery Specialists. We will be using the book entitled “The Grief Recovery Method” written by John W. James and Russell Friedman.

While this support group is mainly for grieving adults it is also valuable for counselors, clergy or anyone else who interacts with grieving individuals on a regular basis.

The book and support group serve as a guide for initiating lifelong, healthy response patterns to grief and to empower participants with effective methods for dealing with their loss.

To obtain more information or to register for the study group please contact Joyce Humphrey, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist at 607-639-4256.


Feb 1

National Teen Dating Violence Month

Our Facebook page is educating you about grief as it pertains to teens throughout this month.  


Mar 1

National Self-Harm Awareness Month

Our Facebook page is educating you about self harm awareness throughout this month.  


Apr 1

National Stress Awareness Month

Learn about stress, how it effects you, and how you can help alleviate the stress in your life.  


May 19

HALos Memory Walk/Run

Running for a memory.  Greenlawn Elementary Track, Bainbridge, NY


May 26

Canoe Regatta - Ice Cream and Spiedies to support HALos at the Rotary Building

Bainbridge, NY Look for specific dates for the 2019 Memorial Day Weekend


May 28

Memorial Day

For the month of May we will be honoring our veterans who have passed away.  Check out our Facebook page for more info.


Jun 1


For the month of June we will educate you on the topic of PTSD on our Facebook page.  


Jun 8

HALos Golf Tournament

Belden Hill Golf Club.  Hole Sponsorship: $100.  Captain and Crew: $300.    


Jun 15


School aged children welcome to spend the day with volunteers learning to cope with life's challenges.  Specific theme to follow.  This camp is free.  Located at Rex Farms in Afton.  


July 11

Cheer Up the Lonely Day

We will give you some great ideas throughout July on how to cheer up the lonely.  


Sep 10

Suicide Prevention Day

Information on suicide prevention will be given throughout September on our Facebook page.  


Oct 15

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  

Light a Candle Oct. 15th @ 7 pm in all time zones all over the world.


Nov 23

Afton Craft Fair

HALos will have a booth.  Come say hello and support HALos!

Dec 1

Anticipatory Grief

Look back on our Facebook page to learn more about Anticipatory Grief.  


Dec 7

Bainbridge School Craft Fair

HALos will be selling handmade items.  Come visit us and help support HALos!


Dec 10

World Remembrance Day: Children.  

Light a Candle December 10th @ 7 pm in all time zones all over the world.


Dec 31

More 2019 Dates to come.

We will let you know what is coming up for HALos.